Today, winning government contracts is no longer based on who has the best technical solution. It often boils down to the lowest price, and technically acceptable bids, even when the evaluation criteria claim to be the best value. Our goal is to help you win the contract while ensuring that it has an accretive effect on the company’s bottom line.
We assist you in assessing the competitive range for a bid, while uncovering the true incremental costs associated with the bid based on various outcomes, such as the number of FTEs your company may be able to get.

Our Approach:

Step 1: Gather market intelligence through collaboration with the business development function
Step 2: Compute cost estimates necessary for the successful completion of the project
Step 3: Create a financial model to simulate forward-looking indirect rates based on likely scenarios
Step 4: Discuss and achieve management buy-in on the forward-looking rates
Step 5: Create a fully loaded cost proposal based on the aforementioned indirect rates and a desired profit margin
Unlike other firms, we not only assist you in analyzing the competition but with analyzing the true cost and profitability associated with the bid.