Are you just starting a business or looking for ways to boost the earnings of your existing business? Are you remaining compliant with the regulations and conditions set forth by government agencies and your lenders or investors? It is important to have a strategy that takes into account a variety of factors including the tax implications of setting up the right corporate structure, having an appropriate variable and fixed cost structure to maximize profitability, and securing enough funding to implement the agreed-upon strategy. Being a relationship-driven firm, we take the time to get a thorough understanding of your business and develop a comprehensive strategy aimed at allowing you to achieve your goals, whether it be improving the cash flow and the enterprise value of your firm or to plan for a successful exit.

Our Areas of Expertise Include:

● Establishment of Internal Control Policies & Procedures● Financial Modeling and Forecasting● Development of Customized Pricing Models to Improve Profitability● Analysis of Various Business Segments and Divisions on a Standalone Basis● Enhancement of Existing Cost Structure● Balance Sheet Restructure to Reduce Leverage and Improve Cash Flow● Enhancement of Internal Functions Including Internal Reporting, Staffing, and Collections● Compliance With Financial Reporting Requirements Set Forth by the SBA, DCAA, and Financial Institutions

If you are looking into the future and are hoping to evolve your small business into a large corporation, you will need to be aware that just because your company has over a million dollars in revenue, does not necessarily mean that you are a millionaire yourself. You must remember that you have to pay your employees, pay your rent, purchase merchandise and that your salary as the owner may come last. Fiducial Outsourcing Solutions can help you manage your expenses as you grow by creating a budget and eliminating any unnecessary costs. In the continuing expansion of your business, you will most likely expand your staff as well. It is expected that the more hands there are, the faster the work can get done. Fiducial Outsourcing Solutions and it's financial consulting services can enhance your internal functions by developing a formal set of policies and procedures.
Another preliminary issue our financial consulting services deal with is to help you form your small business. Whether it is deciding if it will be an S Corporation or whether it is coming up with a budget to follow, Fiducial Outsourcing Solutions is here to clarify those terms for you. Based on your type of firm, you may be able to receive tax deductions and a greater return on them. We recommend that one of your first tasks be to meet with an accountant and an attorney so that they may recommend the best option to suit your business.