Fiducial Outsourcing Solutions recognizes the unique business challenges faced by this industry, such as implementing a FAR, CAS, and DCAA Audit compliant financial reporting system, having a proper indirect rate structure to increase competitiveness and profitability, securing adequate financing to ensure the availability of adequate working capital required for continued growth and performance, and having proper mechanisms and alliances to capitalize on the opportunities that present itself.
Our federal government accounting subject-matter experts have a high degree of expertise and experience in this field, which enables us to provide a high degree of technical expertise and strategic business advice customized specifically for this industry.

We Offer the Following Services to Our Government Contractor Clients:

● DCAA Compliant Accounting & Financial Reporting● B&P Assistance● Indirect Rate Development and Submission● Assistance in securing funding
Our subject matter experts have experience with all major accounting software including, Deltek Cost Point and GCS Premier, and Quickbooks. We have customized Quickbooks to be CAS and DCAA Audit compliant for numerous clients, allowing them to have the same functionalities and reports produced by more expensive and complex systems at no extra charge: we provide hosted Quickbooks solutions at no additional cost to our clients.
Our customers currently serve the following agencies:● Department of State● Department of Defense● Department of Interior● Department of Education● Department of Veterans Affairs● Department of Transportation● US Army● US Dept. of Agriculture● Social Security Administration● Housing and Urban Development● Patent and Trademark Office● Federal Highway Administration