Price-To-Win Strategy

Today, winning government contracts is no longer based on who has the best technical solution. It often boils down to the lowest price, and technically acceptable bids, even when the evaluation criteria claim to be the best value. Our goal is to help you win the contract while ensuring that it has an accretive effect on the company’s bottom line.
We assist you in assessing the competitive range for a bid, while uncovering the true incremental costs associated with the bid based on various outcomes, such as the number of FTEs your company may be able to get.

Retirement Plan Administration

Fiducial Outsourcing Solutions offers a variety of defined contribution plans which includes comprehensive reports and tax filings. A retirement plan can be a useful tool for business owners as it helps recruit and retain employees; employer contributions are tax deductible and a pre-tax benefit to your employees.
We can provide a recommendation of the right plan for you based on an analysis of your company’s employee information.

Company Valuations

At Fiducial Outsourcing Solutions, we offer a comprehensive valuation of your company. The process begins with identifying and understanding your goals and business plans. We then identify and explain the various options available to help you meet your goals.
We can prepare a valuation to determine the value of the relevant business interests. In order to help you make the right decisions, you will benefit from our Team of strong tax professionals who will analyze the financial implications of various transaction options.

Treasury Management

As a business owner, you are required to manage your treasury, maintain corporate records, and document major corporate decisions. If you neglect these formalities, your business runs into legal trouble.
The good news is that we can help you to manage your treasury and we can advise you on every financial decision that you have to take.